​Our work/ what we do

Dan’s Trust raises money to promote and fund research into the early diagnosis of cardiac risk in the young. Dan’s Trust has 2 aims: to aid research into early diagnosis of heart conditions; and to assist children in the North West to achieve their ambitions.

Dan’s Trust’s method of operation:

  • Makes grants to organisations
  • Makes grants to individuals
  • Sponsors or undertakes research

​What services Dan’s Trust provides:

  • The advancement of health or saving of lives
  • The prevention or relief of poverty
  • Amateur sport
  • General charitable purposes
  • Education/training

​Dan’s Trust provides services to:

  • People with disabilities
  • Other charities or voluntary bodies
  • Children/young people
  • The general public/mankind

Where Dan’s Trust operates:

The North West of England

Dan’s Trust’s Charitable Objectives

The trustees shall hold the trust fund and its income upon trust to apply it in such manner as they from time to time think fit for objects or purposes which are exclusively charitable according to the laws of England and Wales. these may include, without limitation:

1. to advance the education of school pupils in Lancashire, and such other areas as the trustees from time to time think fit, by providing or otherwise assisting in the provision of facilities, grants, bursaries or other awards to support them in their wider education;

2. the advancement of health and the saving of lives by: a) the promotion and protection of the lives and physical health of people who have cardiac conditions causing them to be susceptible to sudden cardiac death; b) the education of the general public throughout the UK in matters relating to sudden cardiac death in the young; c) the provision and/or assistance in the provision of facilities, support services and equipment in relation to the prevention of sudden cardiac death in the young; and d) the provision of medical services to the family, and bereavement support to the family and friends, of someone who suffered a young sudden cardiac death; and

3. to promote and further general charitable purposes for the benefit of the communities of Lancashire and such other areas of the trustees from time to time think fit, including the provision of relief from financial hardship and social and/or economic disadvantage and the advancement of the education of its residents of all ages, in particular to provide opportunities for the aforementioned residents to participate fully in the life of their community in ways which address and alleviate social and economic disadvantage.