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Promising students in need of financial support don’t always pursue university. Coming from a disadvantaged background can impact young people’s social and economic position from an early age and for the rest of their lives. Dan’s Trust provides Academic Awards giving disadvantaged students the chance to experience university on an even footing. The financial support we provide can make all the difference in the short term, so the long-term goals of students are achievable.

Zero Gravity and Dan's Trust partnership to provide academic scholarships in East Lancs.
Working in partnership with Zero Gravity to provide scholarships to exceptional low-income mentees from the Lancashire area.

The scholarships will enable students to invest in their academic and personal development while studying at top UK universities.

I’m one of the first people in my family to go to university. My dream is to become a successful barrister and be in the financial position to support other individuals like myself. I believe by becoming a role model in my community I can be someone who can help and guide many individuals and give them the belief that, regardless of your background and the challenges you face in life, you can still achieve your goals and aspiration.

Receiving the scholarship from Dan’s Trust has helped alleviate some of the financial stress of studying at university.

Zaynab Anwar

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