Promoting and funding research into SADS

Dan’s Trust promotes and funds research into the early diagnosis of cardiac risk in the young (CRY) and the improvement of treatment methods for sudden cardiac arrest (SADS). Conditions which affect 1 in every 300.

The Trust has taken on several different projects since it was founded in 2012, including a £50,000 grant to Imperial College in London for research into the condition. Our donation, in Dan’s name, has assisted in setting up a three-year research fellowship project to harness both state of the art genetic testing and novel electrical mapping tools within the heart to help solve the problem of inherited cardiac conditions which can cause sudden cardiac arrest.

Each week in the UK, twelve fit
and healthy people below the age
of 35 die suddenly

“Each week in the UK, twelve fit and healthy people below the age of 35 die suddenly. These individuals often have no warning at all - they are fit and able to participate in triathlons and other sporting events - but are secretly harbouring an inherited cardiac condition. If we are able to identify those who are at risk from SADS, we are able to offer them an internal defibrillator which almost comprehensively protects them from sudden death. This is why screening for these conditions is so important.”

Dr Amanda Varnava

Imperial College, London